Graphite is an multidisciplinary publication and active community of thinkers and artists. Since 2013, we have utilized our digital platform for meaningful conversations, self-expression and exposure to innovative ideas from different cultures and perspectives. Though we are based in Montreal we have roots and networks stretching across the world.
In the twenty-first century, our increasingly interconnected reality is sculpted by the human imagination. The mosaic of thoughts and opinions of our internationally diverse contributors and audience aids Graphite’s mission to continually rediscover the world. We embrace chronic xenophilia; a passion to make novelty and the unknown a comfortable part of everyday life.
Join us as we connect the dots and make sense of the madness.

Statement of Values

Graphite will aim to:

○ promote intellectual diversity and free debate. No submission is rejected on the basis of its tone, ideology, or perspective, but we will not publish hate speech, bigotry, or articles encouraging violence.


○ be non-partisan but not necessarily neutral. Editorials will be published on an occasional basis, based on the consensus of our editorial board. These editorial stances will not bias our relationships with our contributors.


○ keep all of our activities, including events, as accessible and inclusive as possible. In accordance with our status as a non-profit organization, we will always prioritize community over profit.


The publication of an article on our platform does not imply our endorsement of the views expressed therein. The opinions of our writers are their own.