Two Selected Poems: “Eternity” and ...

Two Selected Poems: “Eternity” and “Meadow”

Alex Bex is a student and poet of French descent currently living in Barcelona, Spain. The main concept behind his work lies in translating scenes and meaningful moments through a short and modern poetic structure, inspired by the Imagist movement and writers such as Kerouac, Bukowski, and William Carlos Williams. Though his poems have endings, nothing is defined  — rather, he seeks to implement an idea or emotion and gives the reader a chance to work out his own vision. The goal is to share the atmosphere and energy of the moment inspiring the work.

from the collection “Sound of Longing” (2015)

A dark sun
at its highest peak

pounds at the wake
of men–
they lie there
blind and breathless,
bored forever

in its quiet warmth.

Un soleil sombre
à son plus haut sommet

martèle les hommes délurés–
Ils s’abandonnent,
aveugles et essoufflés,
à jamais ennuyés

dans sa quiète chaleur.


from the collection “Script” (2014)

He visits gangs in the meadow.

From crumbling shelters
of bored youth,
the sigh of a certain train in the distance
Shapes form on their closed eyelids.

In empty lots, they shout
and pound the earth,
they try to be heard.

Mischief under cold
summer lamp posts.
Cloud breaths rise,

alone again,
out from metal coffins.

For more of the author’s work, you are invited to visit his personal website.