Artists of Centerfold VII: Dustyn Lucas

Artists of Centerfold VII: Dustyn Lucas


Interview performed and written by Bernard Mak. 

Dustyn Lucas is a 31-year-old native of Kingsville, Ontario – Canada’s southernmost town – born in a family with a rich artistic heritage. He adopted painting shortly after his first steps and inherited his grandpa’s tools of the trade after he passed away. While he studied at the Sheldon Arts Academy, his versatile skillsets which includes painting, sculpting, graphic design, and music were largely self thought. Dustyn was the pianist of a folk / gypsy band entitled “The Unsettlers” that performed in various festivals such as Osheaga and the Montreal Jazz Fest in recent years but is currently in hiatus. For the past few years, Dustyn has been sharing an intimate studio affectionately dubbed the “Living Womb” with 5 other artists.

Dustyn has always been drawn by fractals and sacred geometry which has become a central element of his art. During his travels across Europe, he found his artistic “North Star” within the Louvre in the master pieces of an ancient master: Leonardo da Vinci’s meticulous attention to detail and unique ability to incorporate countless layers has guided his artistic development. Dustyn incorporates fractals’ singular capacity to compress an infinite amount of information within a finite medium in his novel approach to classical art. He considers his work to be a series of evolving visual puns that pushes the viewer to carefully scrutinize the paintings through various lenses.

Dustyn recently exhibited a collection of his work at the SAT, where he created a dream-like atmosphere through the interplay of music, lighting and the nature of his work. Dustyn’s boundless creativity, which at times stems from the dream world ensures a continuously shifting approach to the themes of fractals and visual puns. He is currently working on producing a series of visual koans (paradoxical riddle) inspired from Zen Buddhism.

Dustyn Lucas’ work was received with great admiration from the public at the Centerfold VII exhibit and effectively won the audience’s choice award. Some of his works from the Fractals series can be seen in the gallery below.

See more of Dustyn’s work and creations here.