Artists of Centerfold VII: Anna Grigorian

Artists of Centerfold VII: Anna Grigorian


Interview performed and written by Manon Rouanet. 

Anna Grigorian is currently in her third year at Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts in the Department of Studio Arts. Originally from Armenia, her introduction to photography came in the form of small still-life images with feathers and stones.

She then moved onto portraits and street photography. While working as a photojournalist in Armenia, she initially started in pursuit of capturing the truth but gradually came to the realization of how much the use of framing and point of view projected her own opinion. The minute she gained total control over her end-product, Anna moved further into the abstract in pursuit of a bigger challenge.

The series “Movements in the Dark” started by accident when she moved a photosensitive paper during the exposure. Fascination with the unexpected blurry result collided with reading Michael’ Kirby’s essays on chance methodology in “The Art of Time”. Though Kirby’s concept applies to dance, the idea of chance in art led to the concept of the photogram exhibited.

The series as a whole includes these wispy photograms of intangible movements and concrete photographs of the darkroom photographic enlarger, exploring the tension between control and chance. This nuanced project attempts to grasp coexistence of total control and contingency as two separate spheres of our lives. The production of irreproducible patterns on these photograms in a darkroom is the epitome of how the unpredictable can live in a meticulously controlled environment.

Discovering that the pattern of the photogram is irreproducible, despite her efforts to do so after accidentally tearing her print, provided the challenge Anna has been in pursuit of. The surprising and unpredictable liberty of these images is the challenge that has captured her interest.

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