Artists of Centerfold VII: Geneviève Moreau

Artists of Centerfold VII: Geneviève Moreau


Interview performed and written by Manuel Ausloos.

Geneviève Moreau’s relationship to photography goes back to her childhood, when her parents took her on road trips. “I have always been the kid on the backseat, looking at the landscapes through the window. I started taking pictures because of that. Since then, photography has been inseparable from travel for her. Now, it drives her to leave her daily routine behind and explore new horizons.

During her BA in visual arts at UQÀM, she first worked on portraits, but as time went by she realized she was more interested in the settings of the pictures she took, than the people pictured. She soon completely eliminated human presence from her shots.

Her main interests are architecture and structures that convey a sense of melancholy and nostalgia. She is especially obsessed with old motels. “I am not nostalgic of my own past, I am nostalgic of a certain time : the time of the American Dream. I think matter has a memory and to me photography is a way to capture that memory.”

With that in mind, it hardly comes as a surprise that she only uses film in her work. To her, photography is something we should take the time to do and the current culture of immediacy leads people to miss out on things that bring its flavour to life. Her work aims to counter that and preserve a withering past.

See more of her work on her websiteFacebook, and Instagram.