Artists of Centerfold VII: HellP


Interview performed and written by Asma Manssouri.

HellP is a visual artist from Montreal’s Rive-Sud. Currently undergoing a BFA at Concordia, HellP mainly makes use of spray paint and acrylic on walls and canvases. While he favors large-scale projects, he also realized smaller watercolours. Lately, he touched on installation art, by incorporating a play of lights and shadows to one of his paintings, by means of projection.

His art is based on the repetition of very graphic patterns, which find their origins in nature. Being reproduced numerous times on a single canvas, these elementary geometrical forms acquire a new quality. The strong contrast created both by the juxtaposition of these motifs and the combination of solid colours invites the viewer to enter separate but harmonious universes co-existing on the same physical surface. Mixing curves and straight lines, HellP’s works showcase a peculiar dynamic entanglement, a sort of reflection of the “multi-layeredness” of one’s artistic process, or the urban and hectic jumble of Montreal. Indeed, HellP moved to Montreal three years ago in order to profit from the city’s hyperactivity and highly diversified cultural scene as a fruitful source of inspiration.

According to him, artists are becoming increasingly independent, incorporating an entrepreneurial state of mind and working methods. In parallel, HellP grants an essential sociopolitical role to the status of artist, as he believes that artists have the responsibility to promote political ideals and raise their public’s awareness of crucial contemporary issues, such as climate change. In fact, he sees art as both the result of one’s creative mind and as an efficient means to advocate for a pre-determined cause.

Check out more of the artists work on his facebook.