Artists of Centerfold VII: Hunter McLean

Artists of Centerfold VII: Hunter McLean


Interview performed and written by Elizabeth McLellan.

Hunter McLean is a Smithers British Columbia native, living in Montreal after just finishing her degree in art education at Concordia. Growing up in an environment more filled with animals than people, her work has become extremely influenced by the small town folklore centered around uncontrollable wilderness. The question arises: in our current state of alienation from nature, does the possibility for connection still exist? McLean utilizes fracturing in her photography to communicate this disjunction, while situating the viewer in the background of Alberta to maintain a sense of place and dwelling. Her exhibitions have included those at Yellow-fish gallery, Kafein, and a variety of Art Matters exhibits. Coming up in June, she will be exhibiting at Glass Door Gallery with a handful of other local artists.

While her background is in art education, McLean is looking to establish her art practice before going back to teaching anytime soon. She will be pursuing a masters in fine arts in the near future in order to develop her work in digital media. Centrefold events have previously been a source of inspiration and connection to the art world for her, so submitting her work to be featured was a no-brainer. The integrative creative experience that Centrefold presents speaks to her: the live music, display of visual art, and opportunity to for fruitful discussion combine to make a thoughtful and engaging environment.

McLean sees the future of art as one that is morphing in order to destroy the construction of the high versus low dichotomy. She sees education at the forefront of this change, and wants to be able to contribute to it after developing her own art practice: lending her the skills to pass along knowledge of the creative process.

See more of McLean’s work at her website and facebook.