Contextualizing Moments

A preview of Mahnoor Malik’s  photo series Context:

Each speck, thing, ocean, cloud, and human needs context.
Context enables us to make sense of our surroundings; it makes us realize the similarities and differences among entities in space.
This series observes that aching need for belonging.
Space is relative but the need to belong somewhere remains etched in the very core of society today.
A series to illuminate the simple moments of life, that every person experiences regardless of their culture and origin, but fails to notice.


Habana Vieja, Cuba 2016


Miramar, Cuba 2016

Mustard Oil

Lahore, Pakistan 2011

The Truck Driver

Truck art has always been a large part of Pakistani culture. Often leaving behind their homes to support their family , drivers paint stories of their life , aspirations and dreams on their trucks. Pakistan 2013


This was taken at the largest open-air market in Africa. The hanging laundry and the chipped paint gave a sense of belonging amidst all the chaos. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2014


New York City , USA 2013


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