Lost and Found – Marcus Marr Comes to Montre...

Lost and Found – Marcus Marr Comes to Montreal

Sixty seconds into Marcus Marr’s “Rocketship”, a feeling of disorientation is nearly inevitable. Transitioning swiftly from pulsing, distorted, electronic grumble accented with spaceship noises to funky guitar licks and a diagonal-finger-point-inciting disco beat, the track’s title pretty much says it all. It’s a vehicle that moves incredibly quickly through a vast, unpredictable, otherworldly space and transcends time itself in the process. Marr seamlessly combines analog and digital instruments to create a sumptuously psychedelic soundscape, teleporting listeners to an unplaceable utopia of euphoric vibes and stone-faced vogueing.

Boasting collaborations with Chet Faker and a slew of high-energy remixes of tracks from DJs like Atts, Alex Metric, and Röyskopp, the London-based producer proves his range and makes an excellent case for getting lost in the music to wander for extended periods of time. You can catch Marr headlining today, September 2 at Newspeak in Montreal, presented by I Love Neon and Graphite Publications. Also performing will be Fonkynson and Whaleskin, two MTL electronic artists offering fresh forays into a genre too-often plagued by monotony. The former, a self-proclaimed maker of “Deep Future” music, alternates smoothly between frantic barrages of complex polyrhythms and airy, trance-inducing sections. Meanwhile, the latter offers a synth-soaked, reverb-rich blast from the past, evoking instrumental and vocal samples straight out of the 80s.

See you there!