Winter is Dying

Winter is Dying

Painting by Joseph Maruska

The weather is getting warmer and it’s hard not to fall in love with Montreal again. A place so cold our souls hibernate with our bodies, yet at the first semblance of warmth we venture forth as flowers unfolding towards the sun, becoming more receptive to our environment.

Towards the end of every winter I rediscover myself and the joy of being in a body that skips over cracked sidewalks and sidesteps swaths of people. The world melts and I can look up from the ground with its land mines of black ice; my eyes drift over structures and people as I cut through back alleys, once too treacherous to traverse without a snow plow.

Urban life has never looked so beautiful, glistening in a dying winter’s residue.

The sun may not be out yet, but the breeze against my skin doesn’t hurt, and the first phantom aromas of spring are here (who am I kidding, there’s probably another snow storm in store). Here’s a playlist for all of you souls coming out of your caves, wandering the streets again, remembering what it’s like to live as humans and not moles. It feels good, no?