At Dawn

Anyways when I woke up I was hungry so I woke mom up too. I went into her room to her side of the bed and looked at her forever trying to make her wake up. Dad he was snoring loudly but mom she was just sleeping. I was just sleeping too but right then I wasn’t because I was hungry and I woke up because my belly it was making all these sounds and it sounded like there was an alien in there. I hope dad doesn’t snore in his dreams too because if he did no one would want to be around him. In his dreams of course. I wonder if when I’m in bed in my room and dads in bed in his room if we can meet in our dreams and have the same dream. Then I’ll know if dad snores in his dreams and if he’s lonely in those dreams too because if dad spends all his dream life snoring no one will want to be around him. Anyways I was thinking about the dream I just woke up from. In the dream I was riding Baxter my dog and we were on a beach that went on forever and the water next to us went on forever too and the sun was up in the sky and so was my picture of Curious George. George he was moving in the picture and he was painting a big smiley face on the sun. The whole thing was pretty neat cause I had never ridden Baxter before at least in real life. Anyway the sun he was up in the sky and was singing some song that my mom likes to sing with her sisters on Passover. I always thought that the sun was Jewish. I don’t know what Baxter’s religion is though so don’t aks me. I think Baxter isn’t Jewish though. When I see Baxter next I’ll aks him if he’s Jewish. Anyways I woke up before I could find out. I wanted some chicken legs. Oh actually you want to know what else happened in the dream cause I just remembered. Baxter and me well we were running and then we went into the water and there was a baby down in the ocean well actually actually there was a lot of babies down in the ocean and Baxter and me we were wondering who put those babies there. Well at least I was wondering. I don’t know about Baxter because Baxter he doesn’t speak English. So anyways Baxter he swummed me over to some of the babies and when we got really close to them it turned out that they were just balloon babies floating around not real babies and it was pretty neat and we saw some lights down deep in forever and we went up to the lights and it turns out there was a clown down there just making balloon babies so I aksed him why he was doing that but I woke up before he answered. I guess he liked doing that. Making balloon babies. Its pretty neat. I was so hungry. What if people had chicken legs and chickens had people legs. Bicycles would have to be a lot smaller. I was still really hungry and I was still just standing there looking at mom waiting for her to wake up. Dads snores sound like pigs. When mom sleeps she looks like she’s smiling. So I smiled back at mom because I was happy to see mom smiling. I like when people smile. I don’t usually see mom smile. When she picks me up after school and we walk home she always tells me I walk too slowly or I talk too much. Give mommy a rest she always tells me. Mommy is tired and had a long day at work. Sometimes I’ll aks her and I’ll say mom all of your days are the same in the amount of time why is this one so long. Do you ever have a short day at work I aks. She usually then just tells me to stop talking. I’m friends with Morris the chicken man though and he likes when we talk I tell her. We talk about chicken the whole time. I once said Morris if I give you this here cookie can I have a chicken leg. So we traded. I want chicken. Yesterday when me and mom were walking home from school we walked by the place where mom gets her Newports from and she handed me some money and aksed me to get her a pack. I aksed her why she couldn’t get them herself and she said the man in the store is not happy with her right now. Why isn’t he happy with you right now mommy I aksed. She just tolt me to go and get them for her. So she handed me some money and I went in and the door he made a noise when I went in that sounded like Christmas time and I walked up to the man behind the table and I said can I have a pack pack a pack of new Newports can I have a pack of Newports. And the man he stood up and looked at me over the table and said is it for that lady out there. Now see mom hadn’t tolt me what to say if he aksed me that question she just tolt me to give him the money and get her the cigarettes. I didn’t know what to do so I went through the Christmas door and out to mom and I said hey mom the man he he he uh aksed he aksed me if the pack of cigarettes were for you and I didn’t know what to say so I came to aks you what you wanted me to say cause you tolt me nothing about that. And mom she just grabbed my hand and we walked down the block. I wanted some Doritos and I also wanted to see my friend Charlotte. I said mom can I see Charlotte and she said nothing and we just walked home like that. I still wanted to see Charlotte though. I think I love Charlotte. She’s so pretty. When we got home mom sat me at the kitchen table and made me a sandwich with turkey and she said I’m just going to get some beans from the store and when she got back she said why haven’t you eaten your sandwich that mommy made you and I said mom I think I’m in love with Charlotte. When did you know you were in love with dad mom. How do you know when you’re in love. Mom she didn’t answer.
Anyways I was looking at mom waiting for her to wake up. I looked harder and she eventually did wake up.
Hi mom.
She just looked at me.
Is Baxter Jewish mom?