It’s often difficult to stay informed amid the chaos streaming from the Trump White House. The pace of Trump’s executive orders is too quick for the media to absorb and effectively relay to the American people. The result is a flurry of change flying under the radar while headlines remain focused on Trump’s gaffes and provocations. Those willing to read between the lines see the emergence of a shrewd political strategy: if the public is unaware of the changes taking place, the changes become impossible to resist.


It’s like lighting a dumpster fire and robbing a bank. The strategy is threefold: Trump wants the public to tune out, the Democrats to splinter, and the media to lose credibility.


The political blitzkrieg is reinforced by the power of the Republican controlled Congress maneuvering in the President’s shadow. While Trump’s tweets dominate the news, Congressional Republicans are moving quickly to advance longstanding conservative priorities while rolling back progressive accomplishments of the past eight years. Despite losing the popular vote by 3 million votes, Republicans have shown no intent to govern from the center. Welcome to the government of Red America.


The goal of this column is to provide a concise summary of the week’s most impactful events in Washington under the leadership of Red America’s White House. Full disclosure: I’m a former Clinton campaign staffer and intern for Sen. Bernie Sanders. My progressive leanings aside, I’m discontent with the status quo and critical of the failures of both parties. With this in mind, I’ll present the facts as I see them and provide insight into their implications for American political life.

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