Somewhere by the Sea

Feature photo by Isabella Chon



If I should ever see your face again,

Let me recall your hanging toes

With mine, the shoddy flip-flops I bought for you

Dangling over the quayside.



Above the sea

We listened intently, pretending to know of

The workings of these waves, each taking secret glances

At the other to figure out what the ancients saw

In the whispered nothings of the ocean’s beatings.



But between the constant folding of water,

I understood only you.

You with your empty cupping hands

Reaching out, blindstruck for anything, for me, for air,

Your murmurs falling out like baby words,



Today’s been a wonderful day

We’ll see each other again tomorrow, won’t we?

I tell you vacantly, let’s come back to the sea

And plunge where our waves converge, to

Let our words slip back into the drowning mass

Of mistranslated black masts.



Oh, today is a ruse to rue the days of tomorrow.



A lyre in my hand and the World

strumming under my feet,

Do I dare turn back for you?



You profess to a mastery of deeper waters

Yet see no secrets in the seas between us.