Our Team

Genevieve Fried

Genevieve studies Computer Science at McGill with a double minor in Political Science and Mathematics. She was a writer for Graphite Sciences before becoming managing editor of the section, and late editor-in-chief for the publication. As head editor, she plans to help grow the quality of publication at Graphite, and further its aim of producing and spreading insight about the world that is at once quirky and provocative as it is beautifully human.

Max Honigmann
Executive Editor

Max is a graduate of McGill University’s Political Science program and Master’s student in Concordia’s Public Policy program. Max began his Graphite career as a writer, and soon afterwards began managing the music section. Apart from his strong interest in international politics, Max is a DJ, producer, and electronic music aficionado. He sees Graphite as the perfect literary platform for the art and social commentary of the digital generation.

Shaad Khan
Outreach Coordinator

Shaad is an International Development student with a minor in Management at McGill. He is a lover of storytelling. As Outreach  Coordinator, he hopes to convey Graphite’s culture and the colorful stories that bring our generation to life, whether through film, photography, music, or writing.

Clarissa Sorenson
Managing Editor, Arts & Culture

Clarissa is a 4th year student at McGill studying International Development with a minor in Environment. Her interests include the amelioration of inequality, the relationship between sustainability and humanitarianism, and the arts. In her free time, she can be found frequenting concerts and galleries. She has always admired Graphite’s creative and provocative approach to journalism and storytelling, and hopes to use her experience in communications to help promote Graphite’s mission.

Joe Steele
Managing Editor, Science & Technology

Joe is a Computer Science major and Philosophy & Economics minor at McGill University. He joined Graphite Sciences in 2015 and hopes to contribute to and uphold the publication’s standard for content and journalism that is both eclectic in scope and meticulous in its detail.

Manon Rouanet
Managing Editor, Science & Technology

Manon is completing her BA.Sc degree in Cognitive Science as well as a minor in International Relations. She sees Graphite as a platform for investigation and inquisition into the topics that inspire critical thought.

Elizabeth Mclellan
Managing Editor, Creative

Elizabeth is a McGill cultural studies major, and world cinemas/art history minor. She is a video producer, photographer, writer, and illustrator

Colin Miller
Managing Editor, Music

Colin Miller is Graphite Publications’ music section editor, as well as a writer and editor for several Minneapolis-based publications. His interests include social reclusiveness, smashing the patriarchy, and ordering foie gras on everything. He hopes to use Graphite as a platform to grant much-deserved exposure to rising talents and to one day get his own music career off the ground.

Max Binks-Collier
Editor, Out of Focus

Max is a fourth year student of History and English Literature at McGill. He edits the Music Section and Out of Focus, a column for stories that popularize overlooked issues. As a writer whose creative work has appeared in Dark Moon Digest, Joypuke Magazine, and Red Herring, Max believes that stories are the lifeblood of humankind, and that Graphite is a great platform for spreading them.

Luca Kühn von Burgsdorff
Managing Editor, Politics

Luca studies History and Economics at McGill. After having contributed to the politics and economics sections as a writer at Graphite, he is now a managing editor of the politics section. Luca recognizes that a lack of constructive discourse is contributing to the polarized nature of our society and hopes to use Graphite’s platform to stimulate much needed conversation.

Xavier Richer Vis
Managing Editor, Politics

Xavier is a third year student of Political Science and International Development at McGill University. A strong interest in Quebec and U.S. Politics lead him to becoming a Politics Section Editor at Graphite Publications, which he sees as an welcome platform to elevate those political points of view that get little to no coverage in traditional newsrooms. Xavier also works as a News Editor at the McGill Daily.

Lucie Alden
Managing Editor, Economics

Lucie is a fourth year Literature and Economics student at McGill. The only thing she loves more than writing is editing, where one is able to render what is beautiful still more lovely. Lucie enjoys exploring and writing about international economics, development, the political economy, the intersection of culture and economics, and socioeconomic issues. She is particularly invested in showing the world that economics is not as terrifyingly boring as it is assumed to be.

Zehra Khan
Managing Editor, Arts & Culture

Zehra is a Political Science major and an Economics minor at McGill. She started as a writer for Opinion and Creative, and later on became the managing editor of Arts & Culture. She enjoys museums, good TV, and the Obama-Biden dynamic. Zehra sees Graphite as a necessary platform for today’s young voices.

Marc Cataford

Web Administrator and Managing Editor

Marc is a fourth year B.Eng (Computer Engineering) student at McGill University. He has been working at The McGill Daily as a Web Editor for the past two years, and joined Graphite to apply his skills in computer science and editing to another small publication. He is passionate about small publishing collectives, sustainable development and education.

Bianca Su
Head of Design

As a designer with multidisciplinary skills and a strong background in graphic design, I love to work in visual communications and in dynamic environments. The thrill, for me, lies in the space of interaction where people meet, influence and inspire from creative projects and from each other. Having lived in different locations (Montreal, Copenhagen and Taiwan) drives me to understand the world from different perspectives and to work with the diversity it has to offer.

Thea Brogan
Head of Communications

Thea is a third year International Development student at McGill. After studying fine arts in high school, Thea has utilized her creative energy and interest in portraying words through art into her current position at Graphite. She hopes to effectively communicate the publication’s ideas through its social media, which includes its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Graphite 2015-2016
Graphite 2015-2016
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Founding Members

“I am no prophet. My job is making windows where there were once walls.” – Michel Foucault