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The Farmer’s Wife

Illustration by Amanda Lenko

You have sculptor’s hands, love, we must have starved in another life. The world is woven of myths;

company kills misery in between dirty nail beds and sultry smiles. We’d wear the rags we cleaned our

hands with and smoke the ashes on the windowsill. You’d tell me that touch is a language, that marble

speaks, but clay silences the cities in your head. I would say nothing, because words have no meaning if

they are not written. And you would mean so much. You would mean too much to just ‘say’ and not

write. But I write now, so perhaps I would have painted then, and signed the canvas with the hundred

ways you drove me mad with the dust in the cracks of your chapped lips.

Tvine Donabedian is a queer Canadian-Armenian writer from Montreal, currently living in Vancouver and completing a graduate degree at Simon Fraser University. As a new voice in the industry, her aim is to capture the intersectionality of the Canadian identity through musings on sexuality and diasporic struggle.

Amanda Lenkowas born and raised in Montreal, and spent her university days in Halifax. Always having been drawn to the ocean, she obtained her Bachelor of Design, Interdisciplinary out on the east coast. Amanda currently works as a graphic designer. She runs her own clothing brand called Arkiteektur, which celebrates Montreal’s rich history through her illustrations and historic fun facts. She is an avid traveler, and can be found at the randomest place, from salsa dancing at the JCC, to biking on the boardwalk, in her hometown or somewhere out in the world.

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