the two decade pocket

to the light i married in the notre dame


your perpetual poise

runs tangentially to my curves –

i mean

such as

the asexual arch of my back as i lean on the air in front of me,

my glances shaped like inquiries

i turn silver when i swim in you.


our intersection is a null point

stripped of momentum because there

life is void.


i watch you stretch and emanate

in the only space.


behold the apse!

we induce worship

without the echoes.

you concatenate

intent and impulse and invitation

lines are just an elaboration

of an irrelevant science

dwindled here

where colours have shadows when the light passes through them.



time is


when it reverberates through the wires beneath your fingers

exposing me through some kind of



pretty please

hum your life through my nerves once again

you are an artery

in a shapeshifter’s anatomy



it was thirty-five degrees today

summer started and nobody minded the stream

escaping through the corners of a smile

as summer felt morning burst over and over

beneath its bite that was the colour of turmeric


Montreal was pickled in chili-pepper brine –

the flakes are dead confetti on the shower floor now

uncrunchy once the rosmarin water is spent & shared

and i acquiesce to me melting myself off myself

slipping past the horizon

parallel the old baby bridge shining for the first time.


* * *

feature photo by danijela stojkovic