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Editorial Board

Administrative Team

Pauline Crepy, Executive Editor

Pauline, originally from France, is currently pursuing a Joint Honours in Political Science and Latin American & Caribbean Studies with a Minor in World Religions at McGill University. She is passionate about global cooperation, democratic consolidation, and international security sector reform, and holds a particular interest in religious extremism, intra-state conflicts fuelled by ethnic tensions, and counter-terrorism strategies. She is currently a Project Assistant at the Bulan Institute for Peace Innovations based in Geneva, as well as an intern at the Permanent Secretariat of the Community of Democracies in Warsaw, Poland. In her spare time, you’ll find Pauline at the gym, reading anything from John Steinbeck to Haruki Murakami, perfecting her blueberry crumb cake, or adventuring around Montreal.

Felipe Aas, Editor in Chief

Felipe is from Norway and is currently studying Geography and Political Science at McGill University. He is interested in the intersection between geography and politics, especially the consequences of global warming on world politics. Felipe can at most times be found nose-deep in a book or planning future travels to soothe his innate sense of curiosity.

Leah Yoes, Head of Operations

Leah is from New York City and currently resides in Montreal, studying Cognitive Science and Communications at McGill University. She can bake the perfect peach pie and hopes to be a beekeeper when she grows up.

Amanda Lenko, Head of Design

In Montreal born and raised, out in Halifax is where she spent her university days. Always having been drawn to the ocean, she obtained her Bachelor of Design, Interdisciplinary out on the east coast. Amanda currently works as a graphic designer. She runs her own clothing brand called Arkiteektur, which celebrates Montreal’s rich history through her illustrations and historic fun facts. She is an avid traveler, and can be found at the randomest place, from salsa dancing at the JCC, to biking on the boardwalk, in her hometown or somewhere out in the world.

Editorial Team

Will Hanna, Managing Editor of Politics

Will hails from Toronto originally but spent his first year of university studying on the European continent. He is now a student at McGill, enrolled in joint-honours economics and political science. Will has always had an innate interest in questions around justice, ethics, politics and what constitutes the good life. He likes to direct his creative energy into his writing, various musical endeavours and culinary experimentation when cooking for friends. The romantic in him is drawn toward the idyllic settings one can find in the natural world (he can stern a canoe like you wouldn’t believe). On weekends in the city you can find him at Bar Biftek experiencing sodium overload or shuffling at Datcha late into the night.

Artemis Archimandriti, Managing Editor of Politics

Artemis is Greek born and raised, and is now in her last year of studies at McGill University. She is pursuing a major in political science, with minors in philosophy and Russian (philosophy is her favourite). She aspires to be a journalist, and to travel to remote and forgotten places in the world, in order write articles broadcasting the different peoples and cultures of the world to everyone. She sincerely misses the Mediterranean sun.

Maya Hassa, Managing Editor of Music

Maya came to Montreal from Chicago to pursue a degree in Renewable Resource Management at McGill University. She quickly became immersed in the local art and music scene and is passionate about giving exposure and recognition to local DIY artists. She works in cleantech and will gladly discuss renewable energy or share her favorite music with you.

Jaymes MacKinnon, Managing Editor of Arts & Culture

Jaymes is a Toronto-born Political Science and History major at McGill University. Her research interests tend to sway towards the intersections of gender, media, and politics. When she isn’t feverishly reading about US politics at the library, Jaymes can be found making music in her bedroom, or arguing about The Bachelor on twitter.

Christopher Junn, Managing Editor of Creative

Portland raised, Christopher came to Montreal in 2015 to pursue a degree in English Literature at McGill University. Falling in love with the city and its people, he quickly grew accustomed to life in Montreal. After having written for several journals and newspapers at McGill, Christopher eventually found his spot in the Graphite Creative section which gave him a space where he could publish his creative work more frequently. He eventually joined the Graphite team at the beginning of 2018 and is always on the lookout for creative people wherever he goes. Apart from Graphite, Christopher works as a McGill tutor and community manager at the non-profit Opportutoring.

Willow Loveday Little,Managing Editor of Creative

Willow Loveday Little is a British-Canadian writer and poet whose work has appeared in several publications, including The Dalhousie Review. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and actively contributes to Medium, where she maintains Top Writer status in three categories. Passionate about creative process, Willow curates the event series, “Pieces of Process,” and has coordinated the Family Area at the Montreal Folk Fest since 2015. She can be found at local events supporting emerging artists, or hunched over her laptop, crying into her manuscript.

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