Prefacing Dreams

What is a dream? Is it a channel to the metaphysical that defies science? An insatiable consciousness temporarily breaking free from the chains of physicality? Or perhaps is it just random sparks, jumping from synapse to synapse, a flickering light in an otherwise well-oiled and unimaginably complex machine?

It is much more than that. A singular dream can be the starting point of a lifetime of experiences, but when shared, it can build a society. Dreaming is hoping, and hoping makes hard, strenuous labour meaningful. It provides direction and motivation. It guides us through the darkness.

The night is dark and full of terrors, but if you hang on to the dream of a better tomorrow, hardships will come to pass. With imagination and hope, nothing is impossible.

This week, as part of our newest Thematic Week, we’re going to talk about dreams. From the ones we forget the moment we wake up to the ones that gave us the choice to have aspirations of our own. Join us as we explore imagination, ambition and the subconscious.